Eden College is a medium sized college based in London and Romford, in South Essex. Eden College specialises in courses leading to qualifications in human resource development and management studies. The ethos and mission of the college is to ‘bridge the gap between theory, practice, knowledge and skills’.

The Learning environment provided to learners is both practical and ‘hands on’. The College considers this to be vital and appropriate in today’s society. As the changing world appreciates practice rather than theory. We  appreciate that the competitive business environment of this millennium does not only require competence in terms of qualifications, but rather more fundamentally, that people should be able to secure jobs and practice with the learning they have acquired over  the  years. Therefore , Eden College works and supports  learners/students to achieve their full potential and build effective careers, through the acquisition of qualifications of their choice.  Learners at Eden College enjoy a supported, warm and friendly approach. Our learners are both young learners, still in school and adult learners in and  out of work.

We value all our learners and pride ourselves on ensuring each learner registered with Eden College fulfil their potential. The College’s Vision is to make an impact in peoples lives through the delivery of accredited learning programmes. As well as delivering effective career and organisational development, management, planning and advisory services for all individuals and organisations we work with.