About us

fredaStarting in 2000. Eden College is a private College based in Romford. Eden College has grown into one of the leading training and employment service providers. Eden College is proud to provide over 500 people a year with the opportunity to change their lives through work and training and we are planning to do even more to support local communities. Eden College has worked on several government contracts and also worked overseas on various training and development initiatives. Eden College has operated for the last 17 years providing a range of courses which include the following.
NVQ/QCF COURSES levels 1, 2, 3 4, 5, and 6
Apprenticeships levels 2 and 3
GCSE and A Levels
Our various training courses for UK, European and some overseas residents to improve their skills and employment opportunities. We also offer personal development planning and a free recruitment service for all company staffing needs.

The College’s Vision: To make an impact in peoples lives through the delivery of accredited learning programmes. As well as delivering effective career and organisational development, management, planning and advisory services for all individuals and organisations we work with.

We aim to;
Enable the individual to make informed choices
Enable the individual to fulfil their potential
Enable the individual to achieve their purpose

Equality and Diversity
Eden college is totally committed to identifying and challenging inequalities which arise from individuals race, gender, class, degree of disability sexual orientation and/or age.

Staff List

Name Email Position
Freda Jacobson freda.jacobs@edencollege.co.uk Managing Director
Ann Odonkor ann.odonkor@edencollege.co.uk Learning,  Careers  and Funding Coordinator
Reshma Begum reshma.begum@edencollege.co.uk Senior Learning and Development Adviser
Sunday Oyeniyi sunday.oyeniyi@edencollege.co.uk Senior Learning and Development Adviser
Beatrice Agyemang beatrice.agyemang@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser
Alice Turay alice.turay@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser
Dorothy Ansah dorothy.ansah@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Assessment Coordinator
Adiba Karim adiba.karim@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser
Eden College info@edencollege.co.uk General email address for Eden College
Assignments assignments@edencollege.co.uk Email regarding Assignments
Applications applications@edencollege.co.uk Email regarding Application
Events events@edencollegec.o.uk Email regarding Events
Apprenticeship apprenticeship@edencollege.co.uk Email regarding Apprenticeship
Learner News learnernews@edencollege.co.uk Email regarding news for learners
Associate Learning and Development Advisers
Natalie Shaw natailie.shaw@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser
Tosin Obisesan tosin.obisesan@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser
Zenish Waqas zenish.waqas@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser
Sesu Afeah  sesu.afteah@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser (Trainee)
Samiha Mongrolia  Samiha.mongrolia@edencollege.co.uk Learning and Development Adviser (Trainee)
Internal Quality Assurance Team
Freda Jacobson freda.jacobs@edencollege.co.uk Principal Internal Quality Assurance Adviser
Edith Hoang edith.hoang@edencollege.co.uk Lead Internal Quality Assurance Adviser/IQA
Claire Watkins claire.watkins@edencollege.co.uk Internal Quality Assurance Adviser/IQA