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Failing to keep up with payments? Contact us and we might offer to help and advice.

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Finance and Fees

The cost of tuition fees and living expenses are important factors when deciding to study. How do I pay? At enrolment you are required to pay at least 35% of the full fees plus £150 for registration and certification. Any balances thereafter can be paid on monthly installments or by direct debit. Refunds are only issued when a course fails to run, or an applicant’s attendance is rendered impossible by some action of the college.

Tuition fees include all academic costs, initial examination.There are normally no further academic charges during the year, for example, no bench fees nor charges for the use of equipment. The fees do not, however, include residence or living costs, or special re-examination fees and the college reserves the right to review the fees chargeable for each academic year.

All you need to know about paying your tuition fees

Information on costs is sent out with letters offering applicants a place, and up-to-date details are circulated later just before course start.

Tuition fees* are listed on individual programme pages in the programs section.

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