Student Support

Student Support


Eden College is committed to delivering an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) service that provides a range of opportunities for learners, employers and partners to make informed choices about their training and development needs.
The Eden College Training IAG service is delivered as follows;

  • Pre-Learning choosing a programme with Eden s or any other provider, that is most suited to the learners needs particularly in terms of location, content, level, delivery style, costs, qualification, entry requirements, support available, etc.
  • At Induction via learner progress reviews, advice on learner support available, possible progression routes. For the employer, mid-course reviews.
  • Post-Learning via final progress reviews, exit interview and learner questionnaire to identify further learning opportunities. For the employer, end-course reviews.
  • At any time referral to other agencies and training provides for advice on careers, work and learning that may be outside the scope of what Eden  is able to provide.

To ensure that IAG service are accessible to all and are of high quality, we well:

  1. Work towards achieving and maintaining the Matrix IAG quality mark and ensure that IAG services meet the standards within this framework
  2. Ensure that marketing, promotional and information materials are comprehensive, accessible and available in a range of formats
  3. Monitor the effectiveness and improve the quality of information, advice and guidance via
    1. Customer feedback
    2. Staff feedback
    3. Employer feedback
    4. Partner College feedback
    5. Analysis of initial Learner Profiles, ILPs, career aspirations and Learner Progress Reviews
    6. Analysis of outcomes for learners
    7. Annual review, renewal & update  of information materials
  4. Provide opportunities for SR staff to obtain professional training and/or qualifications in IAG to ensure understanding of:
    1. IAG policy, strategy, aims, objectives, procedures and performance indicators
    2. Equality and diversity
    3. Confidentiality issues
    4. Learner support, including financial support
    5. Referral systems (internal and external)
    6. Customer Care, Health & Safety and Safeguarding
    7. Technological support
    8. Information sources
  5. Develop and review partnerships and networks to support provision of impartial IAG and referral to appropriate partners and other external agencies/services
  6. Embed IAG in quality assurance, staff development and training and the performance review/appraisal processes

Information, advice and guidance Aim

All Eden staff involved in the delivery of the IAG service are expected to support and potential learners, clients, employers and partners to make informed choices by giving IAG that is:


We won’t look at learning programmes delivered by Eden and our partner’s organisations. We will help clients look at what other providers are offering. They will be told how to find out more – perhaps given a phone number or website address, and other referral appointments made for clients where Eden unable to provide the service.
confidential student


Nothing from the discussion will be shared with anyone else without the client’s knowledge or permission. Except the exclusions to confidentiality of which all Advisers and practitioners are aware of.


Clients will be treated fairly and equally, in line with the Eden College, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Learners, clients and stakeholders will be told what will happen. If, at any time, learners do not understand what is going on, they will be encouraged to ask their Learning, Development Adviser and Careers Advisers to explain.

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